2012 Talks

Steve Ritz, educator and founder of the Green Bronx Machine, gets a standing ovation for his talk about his edible food walls.  A must watch!

Urvashi Rangan from Consumer Reports talks about food labeling.

Fred Kirschenmann shows us how soil is so much more than dirt.

President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, Wayne Pacelle, discusses the difference in treatment between pets and farm animals.

Wenonah Hauter on the consolidation in the poultry industry.

Michelle Hughes on immigrant farmers and farming.

Kavita Shukla on a revolutionary piece of paper that will keep your produce fresh longer.

Paul Lightfoot on growing food on top of supermarkets.

Kerry McLean on the benefits of green carts in NYC.

MItchell Davis discusses the importance of taste.

Dr. Robert S. Lawrence explains how a high meat diet is a threat to public health.

Garry Oppenheimer discusses food pantries and AmpleHarvest.org

Marianne Cufone on recirculating farms.

Cara Rosaen on why food transparency matters and how RealTimeFarms.com can help.

Howard Hinterthuer, the 2011 TEDxManhattan Challenge winner, on the Veteran’s Food Production Project.

Dr. David Wallinga on the problems with antibiotic use in animals.

Patty Cantrell – New roads to new markets.

Artist Stefani Bardin – Processed vs. Unprocessed Foods. Over 1 million views!

Frieda Lim – How to Cultivate a Logo

Erik Shirai – Soba

Erik Shirai – Lentil Soup

Arthur Potts Dawson – A Vision for Sustainable Restaurants

Jamie Oliver – Teach Every Child About Food

Birke Baehr – “What’s Wrong With Our Food System”

ETHEL – Session 1

ETHEL – Mark Stewart’s ” To Whom It May Concern, Thank You”

Blair McMillen – Nico Muhly’s ” A Hudson Cycle”